Jiksak Selected for Tokyo City’s Advanced Medical Devices Acceleration Program

Oct 28, 2021

Jiksak has been selected to participate in Tokyo City’s 2021 Advanced Medical Devices Acceleration Program (AMDAP). The program, which aims to support companies developing novel medical devices, selected Jiksak as one of 3 finalist companies this year.


Over the next 18 months, Jiksak will receive advice from AMDAP’s medical device experts and will have project assistant “catalyzer” assigned to their medical device project. This project, entitled “Development of a nerve axon medical device for treatment of peripheral nerve injury” will leverage Jiksak’s expertise in generating in vivo-like axon bundles to repair damage to peripheral nerves.


Peripheral nerve injury is a painful and potentially debilitating condition that can result from trauma or disease. The current gold standard to repair such injury is to take a nerve from another area of the body, but this results in the loss of feeling and function at the donor nerve site. With the support of the AMDAP program, Jiksak aims to produce a novel regenerative medicine product that will become the new standard for nerve repair injury.


AMDAP’s announcement link (Japanese only): https://amdap.tokyo/index.html#jiksak