Nerve Organoid

Nerve tissue product reproducing the internal environment by original technology. Improve every day and accelerate drug discovery support.

Nerve Organoid chip

Innovation of Neuron culture

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Nerve Organoid

Soma aggregation and Axon fasciculation

Nerve organoid is a neural tissue generated from human iPS cell-derived neurons. Its in vivo-like structure, which consists of soma aggregation and axon fascicle, makes it suitable for analyses on axon behavior, Wallerian degeneration, axon regeneration and degeneration.

Image courtesy of Y. Ikeuchi, IIS, UTokyo, Japan

Pathological analysis of Nerve Organoid

Nerve organoid is a promising tool for a pathological analysis of a nerve structure.
Axon surface and cross section images can be obtained by electronic microscope imaging.

Images courtesy of Y. Ikeuchi, IIS, UTokyo, Japan